from the President

We firmly believe price is not the overall consideration in selecting a vendor - Value is. It serves no purpose to save 20% on a job but have it delivered 4 days late and have a mistake. However, recent trends in the Printing Industry have changed the traditions of the past and we are currently seeing significant variations in cost even among very qualified sources.

Potential Savings of 20% - 30% or even 40%
on your printing & project costs!

Over a recent six-week period, we provided production service on 25 projects, soliciting 43 different specific quotes, with 213 response from resources throughout New England. These requests were sent only to vendors with the proper equipment and capabilities to handle the work efficiently and could meet the quality and schedule requirements. The results were eye opening: total estimated costs for the 43 RFQ's ranged from $197,500 to $285,160 - that's a staggering difference of over $87,000 or a 30.7% variation of costs quoted - over $2,000 per average job. On one project alone, we were able to provide savings of $8,500 from the previous year's cost.

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